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You’re probably wondering what the importance of studying American history in school is. It can be quite a debatable subject. Although, there is logic in the madness even if you see history as serving no purpose or function in your life.

The Study of American History

The state laws of America have stipulated that American history should be taught in the social sciences field of study in schools. However, the laws fail to indicate at which level of schooling – primary, junior, senior school, or university – it should be implemented in.

The subject of history covered in schools today explores the dimensions of the period leading up to World War I, the political economy, and the 1911 sociology. The dimensions of history which are not prioritized in the schooling curriculum are English history, ancient history, medieval history, and the shift into the 21st-century.

The Method To The Madness

The focus on the subject of history itself has now primarily become all about American history. Many students don’t see the value or function for this like they would with mathematics.

However, despite this logical thinking, you can’t ignore the fact that learning about American history itself makes one more knowledgeable. It turns us into wise, empathetic, and appreciative human beings of other cultural and religious backgrounds.

Why Should We Continue To Study History?

History reveals the true beauty of a country’s heritage, of which one should be proud of. We need to learn about history in order to understand other people and the society in which we live in and that is why it is a must to add history books to read on your reading list.

We need to understand how, why, and where we are today by looking back at the past choices of our predecessors. This is to ensure we know how to move forward in a positive and enlightened manner.

Let’s look at it this way, we experienced today because yesterday occurred. Tomorrow will come because we experienced today. May the path of education through the study of American history make us wiser and honored to be a part of America.

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